Marinated scallops, lettuce cream, sweet and sour Tropea onion and baby plums

Salmon cooked at 37 ° and salicornia with yoghurt and horseradish sauce

Sarde in saor “Vetri style”

Chanterelles mushrooms, potato mousse, celery oil and cheese crumble


First Courses

Fish carbonara maccheroni

Spaghetti with clams

Bean cream with smoked cod fillet

Tagliatelle with white meat sauce


Second Courses

Sauteed octupus with yellow pepper sauce and sauteed salicornia

Seared red tuna on celeriac with toasted butter

Venetian style cuttlefish with leek and potato cream

Fresh cod fillet with vanilla cauliflower



Babà with rum, cinnamon, licorice and mascarpone ice cream

Millefeuille with chiboust cream and strawberries

Tiramisù Vetri style

Homemade sorbets


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