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Murano in Focus Luigi Bussolati, Massimo Gardone, Roberta Orio

10.04 — 04.09.2021



Project by Roberta Orio



After the brief sneak peek of the exhibition “Murano in Focus” broadcast in recent days through the social media channels of Punta Conterie, on Saturday 10 April from 11 am the digital channels of the hub will be back in the spotlight with a new, richer and more detailed video, dedicated to the exhibition project that gathers the visions of three photographers – Luigi Bussolati, Massimo Gardone, Roberta Orio – expressly created for the rooms of InGalleria, the Art Gallery of Punta Conterie in Murano.

A project by Roberta Orio, “Murano in Focus” was born from the desire to document through a still photographic image — formerly called reportage, industrial photography, still-life — the identity of Murano today through the images that “the island of glass” is capable of provoking.

Arranged along the exhibition path that winds across the first floor of Punta Conterie — the eclectic hub that has introduced into Murano a unique concept for the geographical area where it is located, dedicated to the enhancement of the culture of design, international creativity and contemporary food and wine — “Murano in Focus” is the third InGalleria exhibition following on from “Lino Tagliapietra. Glasswork” and “Glass and Design”, the two encounters with the world of Murano glass that have traced the links between the great names and the historic glass factories that have made the island famous on a global scale.

Murano, therefore, is still the centrepiece of the exhibition, but through a different medium, that of contemporary photography, which is capable of giving a new and unconventional look at the world around us.

Three viewpoints for an exhibition project that deliberately discards stylistic uniformity to navigate very different areas of interest. In content, in display, in message. An unprecedented opportunity to compare three different makers engaged in independent creative paths. Three exhibitions in one for a concerted look that is also a great tribute to Murano.

Luigi Bussolati, called to represent industrial architecture — the workplaces of those who built the artistic and commercial fortune of this island — plays the strings of the instrument that is most congenial to him, and through his very particular use of light gives us images which, while maintaining their great concrete weight, appear to us as suspended realities, unknown worlds and at the same time finally revealed in their entirety.

Massimo Gardone tells of imaginary worlds by bringing us inside their Horizons, making us dream of being immersed in the oceans and then projecting us into perspectives built of reflections; finally he chooses a detail and amplifies it, making it almost become the dome of a Cathedral. It is a work that, printed on a mirrored surface, draws the viewer into the image, thus enabling us to implement our own personal perspective on the poetics of the work.

The work of Roberta Orio, the link between these two viewpoints — and bridge between two worlds — focuses her vision on the traces of those who inhabit this island because it is where they live, where they work, where they spend their free time, and captures signs, parts, sections of the way of life on Murano today. They are details that arise as representative icons of different situations but which are united by a common thread, doors to be opened to access possible paths for the future.

Coordinated by Alessandro Vecchiato — artistic spirit of Punta Conterie — “Murano in Focus” presents a total of 21 works set up in three thematic islands. Macro-sized windows on the creative worlds of Bussolati, Gardone and Orio to be circumnavigated in order to discover thoughts and evocations that have given shape to the works on display.

In the entrance area of “Murano in Focus”, three giant posters will allow visitors to go behind the scenes of the project through a selection of images from the making ofthe three photographers involved in the exhibition project that can be visited until 13 August 2021.

“Murano in Focus” will be accompanied by a catalogue edited by Designwork which can be purchased individually or in the three-volume pack “InGalleria / Punta Conterie Art Gallery Book / In Murano” which also includes “Lino Tagliapietra. Glasswork” and “Glass and design”.



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