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Themed dinner “Il gelato nel piatto”

06.08 — 06.08.2020

Vetri Restaurant is pleased to invite you to  the next themed dinner “Il gelato nel piatto”.

Fresh, fragrant, perfect both with sweet and savory dishes, the menu puts ice cream at the center of the themed dinner on Friday, August 6th.


Our menu:

Mojito / Negroni granita

Fresh ricotta flan with horseradish and red turnips

Mustard ice-cream with limousine beef tartare

Maccheroncini, veal ragout, cheese crumble and pesto sorbet “Punta Conterie style”

Red onion ice-cream with Barolo braised beef

Peach and ginger sorbet

“Poached egg” ice-cream and black summer truffle

Shaken iced coffee with your favorite ice cream


Welcome reservation. Limited seats.

+39 041 736 991



Please reserve your seat. Limited capacity.

+39 041736991